Rob Sharp is now a member of The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle

It is with huge pride that I can announce that I am now a member of The Magic Circle, the most prestigious magic club in the world.


The application process involves a lot of hard work, practice and dedication, culminating in a live examination in front of existing Magic Circle members who would judge my magical abilities and presentation. Despite having performed as a close up magician for a long time it was still a nervous task, knowing that the best magicians in the country would be watching with a close critical eye.


I had to wait roughly a week until I heard back from them, a period I filled by checking my email with almost obsessive frequency, ( I need a new F5 key on my computer now) . When the news finally came through I was just elated and couldn't wait to share it with my friends and family.


Becoming a member of The Magic Circle is not just a personal achievement, but it’s also a mark of quality. You can rest assured that if you choose me to entertain at an event you are hosting that quality comes as standard.


Blackpool Magic Convention 2015

Well, its that time again for the Blackpool Magic Convention!

Over 3000 magicians from around the world will be keeping the Blackpool hoteliers in money for the next few days while we all attend the worlds largest magic convention.

It's a great event in any magicians calendar, with the chance to catch up with old friends, meet some people I've only chatted to online and to part with a quite ridiculously large amount of money. (Note to self, increase prices to compensate*)

To commemorate this year my friend John Morton has been hard at work creating paper cut-out silhouettes of some of the faces in attendance this year. Can you spot me?

Magician Silhouettes

What's that? You want to get a booking in before the prices go up? Well, best fill in the Contact Form below!

World Cup 2014 Themed Post

The boffins at Facebook have advised me to make a post relating to the World Cup in some fashion, as this will practically guarantee increased engagement, comments, shares and all kinds of great sounding stuff including extra cash from all the bookings this will undoubtedly produce. I'm not so sure myself, but here goes:-


So, the World Cup is on at the moment. Mmmm, football is great. I just love it. I was just saying the other day about how much I want to watch a team playing another team at football during the World Cup. I certainly hope that sometimes the football goes into the goal in a most entertaining fashion.

You know what else is great? Booking me to show you and your chums some magic. I suggest you do that. Why not send me an email during that bit of a football game where the teams go off to have a bit of a rest?

Point your email program at Rob@HonestDeception.co.uk . Why not share this, so that maybe one of /your/ friends will book me so you can see some magic without having to fork out yourself.

Oh, Hello!

Well, that certainly is a surprise! I hadn't expected to see you here just yet...

As you can see, this blog section isn't quite ready yet, but please check back here soon when I hope to have info on upcoming public events, thoughts and feedback on previous events, and some inside info on the life of a professional close up magician.