Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most frequent questions Rob gets asked. Please contact Rob if you have a question that has not been addressed here.



Is Rob a member of The Magic Circle?

Yes! Please read here for more details on this achievement.

How much does Rob charge?

Rob can offer entertainment to suit most budgets. Each event is unique and there are many factors that need to be taken into account. The best way to get a personalised quote is to get in touch.

How long will Rob perform for?

The major factor here is the number of guests involved, and the style of event. Please get in touch for the most accurate answer but, in general, Rob can provide anything from a quick 30 minute session for a special business lunch to the whole evening at a Christmas party.

How far does Rob travel?

Rob is based in the South East, but travel isn't a problem. However, if the distance is too far to be practical then he will do his best to put you in touch with someone reputable more local.

My venue requires that performers are insured. Is Rob covered?

Yes, Rob is a full member of Equity, and so is covered by a £10,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance policy. Many venues these days require hired performers to be fully covered, always ask to see insurance details!

Does Rob need a dressing room?

No, it takes him just a few minutes to get ready when he arrives at the venue. He may need an accessible place to store some equipment, but will arrange this with the venue.

Does Rob need a deposit/booking fee up front?

A booking fee will usually be required to secure the date, with the balance payable closer to the date of the event.

Does Rob perform for children's parties?

Unfortunately, not at this stage. However, he can put you in touch with some local recommended children's entertainers.

My event is big. REALLY big. You might think you've been to big events before, but that's just peanuts to mine!

Ok, so that's not really a question, but if you are putting on a large event Rob can help organise a team of magicians to ensure all your guests see some magic. Please get in touch to start the process.

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