Rob Sharp is now a member of The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle

It is with huge pride that I can announce that I am now a member of The Magic Circle, the most prestigious magic club in the world.


The application process involves a lot of hard work, practice and dedication, culminating in a live examination in front of existing Magic Circle members who would judge my magical abilities and presentation. Despite having performed as a close up magician for a long time it was still a nervous task, knowing that the best magicians in the country would be watching with a close critical eye.


I had to wait roughly a week until I heard back from them, a period I filled by checking my email with almost obsessive frequency, ( I need a new F5 key on my computer now) . When the news finally came through I was just elated and couldn't wait to share it with my friends and family.


Becoming a member of The Magic Circle is not just a personal achievement, but it’s also a mark of quality. You can rest assured that if you choose me to entertain at an event you are hosting that quality comes as standard.


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