Planning a wedding can be stressful. With so much leading up to the big day you'll want to make sure you have your entertainment booked nice and early. Rob's blend of close-up magic is perfect for wedding entertainment. With Rob's friendly style he is able to connect with guests, young and old, and entertain them with close-up magic right under their noses. Rob can also perform a special trick for the bride and groom.


Here are some ideas on the best times to book Rob to entertain at your wedding.

Drinks Reception

Rob is able to provide entertainment for your guests as they arrive at your venue. Often families will arrive separately, not knowing each other and this is an ideal time for Rob to help bring them together with some up close and personal magic.


Photo Session

Every wedding is a memorable occasion, and at some point most couples will be joined by a photographer to capture their special day. Rob can help, unobtrusively, entertain your guests while they await their turn in the new family photos. You can also be assured you have left your guests in safe hands while you head off to get some private photos together.


Evening Reception

The evening reception is a great time for Rob to entertain your guests. Whether they have been with you all day or have only been able to attend the evening do, Rob can help generate a fun and friendly atmosphere and is able to spend a little longer getting to know your guests, making sure they are all having a great time. If you are having a band or DJ as well, it is better to book Rob for the earlier part of the evening before the volume of the music gets turned up. The personal touch is lost somewhat when you have to shout to be heard!

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